Thank you for 30 years of success Grays Harbor!

Techline/Cellular Connection will be closing its doors this month. (September 2016)


This has been a hard decision for us to make but it is time.   Even though technically retired, the business has required our involvement and we wish to travel and enjoy life without worrying about being near an Internet hot spot.  That we have been able to retire even to this extent is due to our manager, Jennifer Wilson, and her team that have kept to our standards of customer service.

Everything must go. All inventory, fixtures, etc.

Thank you Grays Harbor for 30 years of success. We appreciate your business and loyalty.

Techline was founded over 30 years ago.  We built computer systems on our kitchen table and sold them at trade shows.   In 1987 we moved to our first commercial location in the Reiner’s Harbor Honda Building on the corner of Wishkah and H Street.   We brought cellular into our business in 1991 and added the words “Cellular Connection” to our name.  Seeing the future of the cellular phone, we built a new building across from Walmart in 1994 and during that Christmas sold hundreds of cellular phones.  Our timing was impeccable and it surprised us how fast we grew.

We brought the Internet to Grays Harbor in 1995 and it grew to a customer base of over 5000 users and kept us busy bringing in more telephone lines to keep up with demand.   We sold the Internet business in 2006 to two of our employees, Scott Sipe and Dan Jones but continued to run our retail computer and cellular business as Techline/Cellular Connection, Inc.

It has been an honor to be a part of the business community in Aberdeen.  Our customer base has been loyal through all these years and we will miss serving them.

Jerry & Gloria Brown
Founders and Owners of Techline